SS&C Blue Prism

Step into a world of innovation at SS&C Blue Prism Live:

A global event series blazing a trail for those wanting to unlock the transformative power of intelligent automation.

SS&C Blue Prism Live Event Locations


February 27, 2024

New York

April 30, 2024



May 14, 2024


May 23, 2024


June 11, 2024

Sao Paulo

July 16, 2024



Date Coming Soon!



Date Coming Soon!


Date Coming Soon!

SS&C Blue Prism Live Past Events


December 6, 2023


January 11, 2024

Blue Prism Live is a must-attend event for those wanting to stay at the forefront of this ever-evolving landscape.

Industry visionaries

Actionable strategy


With thought provoking keynotes, leaning into the latest advancements and learnings, this extraordinary event series will showcase industry visionaries and illuminate a path towards digital transformation.

To complement, informative sessions add a layer of actionable strategy and practical knowledge; everything you’ll need to rollout successful automation strategies within your own organizations.

Yet SS&C Blue Prism Live fosters a dynamic networking environment with professionals from all walks of life meeting to connect, collaborate and share. It’s this synergy that has the power to propel global transformation driven by intelligent automation to places we’ve not yet dreamt of.

Unify. Transform. Scale.

SS&C Blue Prism allows organizations to deliver transformational business value via our intelligent automation platform. We make products with one aim in mind — to improve experiences for people. By connecting people and digital workers, you can use the right resource, every time, for the best customer and business outcomes.

We supply enterprise-wide software that not only provides full control and governance but also allows businesses to react fast to continuous change.